Located in the north part of Mongolia, Lake Khuvsgul is the deepest lake (up to 262 m/ 860 feet) in Central Asia, and one of the largest sources of fresh water – containing between 1 and 2 % of the world’s fresh water. Lake Khuvsgul is known as the "Blue Pearl of Mongolia", because of its crystal blue water. It is full of fish, such as lennok and sturgeon, and the area is home to argali sheep, ibex, bear and moose, as well as over 200 species of birds.

People living in north and north west Taiga (forest) of Lake Khuvsgul is called Tsaatan. Their daily activities are hunting animals and herding reindeer. In the cold climate of the area, clothing and urts (tent) made of reindeer hide keep them warm. Milk of reindeer is very rich with fat and nutritious. You can imagine how reindeer is valuable for the livelihood of Tsaatan people. The Tsaatan is Mongolia's smallest ethnic group. Currently 44 families or 207 Tsaatan maintain a pure nomadic life that is culturally and  economically tied to their reindeer.      

Spectacular views overlooking Lake Khuvsgul await you.

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