When it comes to lab instrumentation, you need a powerful partner who has the strength and know-how in R&D to develop products that add true value to your lab processes. We bring this partner to you. We also can provide you with competence in application support and technical assistance.

We offer a broad portfolio of high performance laboratory instruments for many different applications as well as Laboratory weighing, Industrial weighing, Product inspection, Pipettes and tips, Process analytics, Transport and logistics, Analytical instruments, AutoChem, and Food retail. The overview of our range is below.
Please direct any questions about Agudam services for measuring instrument to our email: info@agudam.com and Phone: 976-99290568 or go to contact page.

Automated Chemistry
We provide the enabling technology, software and people that can help build a seamless workflow to transform bench scale chemistry into a commercial process. Our enabling tools and services have been a strategic resource providing critical information to thousands of development scientists and engineers for more than 20 years.   


The new solids dosing solution QUANTOS, and innovations such as Smart-Sens, Smart-Grid and Smart-Screen provide complete weighing security. Our comprehensive portfolio of lab balances offer maximum user protection, unparalleled measurement performance, full data security and seamless traceability.

Density & Refractive Index

The days of manual determinations with pycnometers and optical refractometers are a thing of the past. Our digital instruments determine the refractive index and density simply, accurately, and, depending on the instrument, even simultaneously. Automation solutions help to reduce the measurement of large sample batches to one click of the barcode reader.

pH Measurement

From basic handhelds to flexible two-channel meters, we offer a full spectrum of premium quality pH and ion instruments. The top-of-the-line Seven multi meter, for example, provides great flexibility through its modular design. Depending on the module attached, various parameters such as pH, conductivity etc can be measured.



The new generation of titration solutions focuses on ease of use and flexibility. Its unique One Click™ user interface keeps training times to a minimum and speeds up workflows. The completely automatic recognition of connected sensors, burettes and other accessories saves time again, while also enhancing operational safety. The modular design ensures perfect adaption to any titration application.

Thermal Analysis

Our manufacturer is the technology leader in thermal analysis instrumentation. The innovative product range includes DSC, TGA, TMA and DMA, as well as an unmatched, very powerful common software platform. Recent innovations such as the TOPEM™ modulation technique and the HSS7 DSC sensor guarantee better results at higher sensitivities.


RAININ pipettes enhance lab performance and help reduce time-to-market by guaranteeing optimum accuracy and repeatability. Innovative ergonomic designs, including the patented LTS LiteTouch System, minimize fatigue and injuries, thus helping to reduce operator errors and inaccuracies. RAININ’s calibration and maintenance services are built on our high-precision balances and expertise.

Software & Services

We offer a full range of support and service options for all of its solutions, including flexible service packages, technical assistance, validation services, obsolescence advice and instrument training. Furthermore, our manufacturer has developed a variety of software solutions to allow the comprehensive control and networking of instruments from anywhere.

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