Terelj National Park is located southeast of the capital city 80 km away. This is the nearest fascinating destination with an abundance of sights including wild flowers, rock formations, rivers and mountains. At 1600 m /5250 feet, the area is cool and the alpine scenery is marvellous. To the northeast, the park joins onto Khentii Mountains, which is almost completely uninhabited but is home to endangered species of moose, brown bear and weasel, to name but a few, and to over 250 species of birds.

About a hundred years ago Terelj was famous with the exploration of precious stones and gemstones. Very large smoky quartz was discovered from Terelj in 1960. Weight of the smoky quartz was 7.5 ton. The 2.4 meter long and 1-3 meter wide smoky quartz had 18 sides.

Many rock formations and caves attract visitors to the area. The two famous rock formations named for things people resemble: Turtle Rock (Mongolian: Melkhii Khad) and the Old Man Reading a Book (Praying Lama Rock). For the magnificent view of the entire area, you can take a ride to nearby Khentii Mountains or hike around the park.

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