"Terkhiin Tsagaan" Lake known in English as the Great White Lake, this fresh water lake (and the volcanic area rounded) is certainly the highlight of Arkhangai province, and one of the best in the country full of beautiful lakes. Surrounded by extinct and craterous volcanoes, "Terkhiin Tsagaan" Lake is completely under developed and just about perfect for camping. Khorgo Uul Volcano is nearby the lake. The volcano has dozens of deep, and scary, caves-bring a flashlight and a load of courage.
During the volcanic eruption that happened about 8000 years ago, lava and tephra were expelled from a fissure creating a basin for the "Terkhiin Tsagaan" Lake. More than 10 rivers flow into the lake. The largest river is Terkh River which starts from Khangai Mountain range. Length of "Terkhiin Tsagaan" Lake is 16 kilometer and width of the lake is 6 kilometers covering 61 square kilometer area. The lake is located 2060 meter above sea level. Its depth is 20 meter.  
On the way to the "Terkhiin Tsagaan" Lake, you will be able to see Taihar Chuluu and Chuluut River. Taihar Chuluu is an amazing rock formation, bound to be the subject of several legends. Chuluut River runs through 415 km long deep narrow valley with steep rocky sides starting from Khangai Mountain range. The river has several waterfalls.    

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